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Who We Are

Equinox Education & Migration assists students in admission into Australian universities while, catering to their specific needs and providing them personalized consultations and assistance in materializing their Australian dreams into reality.

Equinox Education & Migration also ensures that the journey of successful applicants to their respective universities is a smooth sailing, minimizing all inconveniences along the way.

Our commitment to our clients does not merely end there. We continue to advise and guide them towards a brighter career path and a successful lifestyle, aiding them with future visa applications until their Australian vision become a reality.

Our Mission and Vision

Equinox Education & Migration strives to become one of the top education and migration consultancies by 2025, by providing high quality consulting service at an affordable price, while exercising and upholding highest ethical standard.

We want people to know us by our unparalleled customer service and commitment as we strive and endeavour to go above and beyond to assist clients a little more than yesterday.

Our Core Values

Our core values revolve around the fact that the need of our clients come prior to the rest of our interests by far. Keeping that in our heart, we endeavour to provide the best possible pathway to our clients in accordance with their desired goal without any hidden agendas whatsoever. As we heavily rely on our clients’ recommendations for our future growth, you can rest assured that you will be receive the best consultancy service out there.

About Us

Operating in Hobart Tasmania, EQUINOX Education & Migration is a novel and contemporary Australian Education & Migration Consultancy, endeavouring to become the people’s choice in planning and prioritising their academic future while contributing to the advancement of the society through superior Australian education.

Our key objective, by all means, is to help current and future students in finding the best educational placement to enhance their academic and professional lives by providing comprehensive assistance, from choosing the most appropriate courses to counselling on potential future career path with least obstructions, thus making their Australian dreams come true.

While keeping in mind the best interest of our client, we also help smooth the transition process of Australian Temporary Residents (including Students) to Australian citizens by providing them all aspects of migration assistance, starting from State Nominations all the way to Permanent Residence. We do this by scrutinizing the entire profile of each clients, taking into consideration every single aspects of their achievements and leveraging them against the criteria set by the corresponding authorises, thus maximizing their chances of a positive visa application outcome.

Remember, end of the day, it is you (our clients) whom we work for. With your support, we are growing rapidly and are striving to grow more…

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