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If you want to study overseas, Australia has a lot to offer

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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students all around the world. International students who study in Tasmania benefit from the high level of education and at very affordable prices.

We aim to help you plan the best education experience possible.

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Student Visa

You are required to obtain a student visa if you want to study in Australia for more than 3 months (or 4 months if you are on a working holiday visa) and your genuine reason for coming to Australia is to study.


Graduate Visa

The Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows recent university or certain vocational graduates to remain in Australia and work after their studies have finished.


Training Visa

The Training Visa (Subclass 407) allows Australian companies and government agencies to sponsor applicants to participate in occupational training activities and professional development activities.


We provide a free service designed to find the best course to match your education, financial and lifestyle needs


Australia is a multi-cultural, English speaking country, so improving your English can be a great first step in your migration journey. English courses are generally up to 20 hours a week, cost $160-400 a week, and you can study for as long as you like. Plus, you’re able to work part-time while studying.


Vocational education is generally shorter and cheaper than university education. It’s designed to provide job-related and technical skills for your chosen career. Courses start at six months in length and cost around $5-15,000 AUD per year. Vocational education covers a very large range of careers including trades, office work, retail and hospitality – the most popular choice we see is project management.


Australian unis have an international reputation for quality. They’re popular with overseas students because Australia is one of the few countries that allows you to work during study and after finishing your degree. Courses are a minimum of two years and cover Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Diplomas and PhDs. Costs start at $12,000 AUD per year and there is a huge range of courses to choose from, both specialist and generalist.


We offer free support and advice for everyone who wants to take their career further with a masters degree or other postgraduate qualification in Australia. If you want to further develop your skills and get relevant expertise, we can help you find the right course.


For free advice on what and where to study and submitting your enrolment, contact our friendly team of education and migration experts today. We can help with common questions and issues

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