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Professional Year Program

Professional Year – the BRIDGE connecting YOU to your Permanent Residency.

Let’s face the reality, in retrospect, we believe it is safe to assume that the migration policies from this point onwards is going to get increasingly difficult as State Growth Department to some extent is prioritizing applicants employed in their respective fields. This means finding work in your nominated skillset will not only trigger you career path but also will make you a very exceptional candidate and will put you in high priority list for nomination application process. Now the question comes, how would you find work in your field of study in this progressively competitive employment market?

Professional Year program will give you the right platform to put your foot in the door. This program will end with you undertaking a 12-week work placement sought and coordinated by your Professional Year provider, which, in turn, means special care and consideration will be put while choosing the right host company or organization for the placement. Now the next question comes, how would this work placement be any different from the internship program in your bachelor’s or master’s degree program?

The answer is, unlike your previous internship, this time you will be prepared. This time, this program will prepare and equip you with employability skills that will make you an invaluable and exceptional graduate and will give you an upper hand over the rest of the graduates desperately seeking employment. Focus will be put on specific employability skills like presentation skills, interview skills (in simulations), networking skills, business writing skills and CV/ Cover Letter writing strategies, which collectively will help you to transform this work placement into a prospective job offer. Now the next question appears, would these strategies really work?

Well, that depends on your desperation to make this work. This program will equip you with all the gears and accessories and will point you to the right door, however you must walk past the door. Apparently, companies hiring interns with exceptional performance is nothing unheard of. All these newly learned skills, especially the skills of networking, under your belt will give you an edge over the rest of the interns fishing in the same pool of employment.

Professional Year Program

How Professional Year (PY) program makes migration effortless especially for Accountants and IT Professionals.

The fundamental requirement for any Australian skilled migration, including permanent residency, is to possess a skill that is crucial to Australia’s necessity and demand. To have these skills officially recognized in Australia, they need to be assessed, and in this part of your skills assessment will this professional year come into play.

Apart from the invaluable professional developments, graduates of Accounting PY stream who are finding it challenging to score a 7 in each band of Academic IELTS or equivalent to meet the minimum requirements for the accounting skill assessment can use the Professional Year program to go around this hurdle and achieve a positive skills assessment.

IT graduates, on the other hand, can use this professional year program as an alternative to “12-month skills assessment work experience” requirement and have their skills assessed successfully.

Popular Benefits of Professional Year Program:

    • Assistance in meeting skill assessment requirement (for Accounting & ICT only)
    • Over successful completion of PY program, you will gain 5 additional migration points
    • Awarded with PY program certification
    • Awarded with Certificate IV in Business (if applicable)
    • Free 1-year Graduate Membership with Engineers Australia (for Engineering stream only)
    • Interview, networking, presentation and other relevant interpersonal skills
    • Assistance in CV and Cover Letter build-up
    • Development of relevant Australian practical skills via professional internship
    • Networking with professionals via several professional networking events
    • A better understanding of Australian professional/ industrial practices and expectations

Professional Year Requirement
Pre-requisites to Professional Year Program are:

  • You must have graduated from a correlated higher education program within the country (Australia) for a minimum duration of 2 years (exceptions apply for Recognized Graduate visa – Subclass 476)
  • Presently applied for or holds a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) with at least 12 months validity remaining
  • Evidence/ Proof of English proficiency

We, Equinox Education Consultancy, have partnered with various Professional Year providers and institutes to help you find the ideal internship of your choice and equip you with the skills necessary to work in the Australian environment and take you a step closer to your Australian dream.


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Equinox Education Consultancy is currently offering free 485 graduate visa processing to students enrolling through us into Professional Year program.

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